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Am I Really Precious in God’s Sight?

I’m working on a companion guide to Precious in His Sight!

It’ll be filled with testimonies, stories, analogies and God’s word. It’ll walk readers through the themes in Precious, and offer opportunities to draw closer to God and to discuss the symbolism in the novel. This will be a short work—more like a booklet than a book, I suppose. I envision it being used for individual study, and for groups and book clubs who are moved by the characters struggles and victories in Precious.

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One Weekend in May

A story about image, insecurities and the ache to be truly known and loved anyway.

Escaping the burdens of their complicated lives, four college friends reunite after twenty-five years for a carefree weekend on a Florida beach. Though they arrive carrying heavy burdens, each woman vows to maintain her Facebook-worthy façade. But when a storm forces the girls indoors, old wounds resurface, and too much wine cause tensions to mount.

As long-held secrets are spilled, their masks come off, and the girls discover that the strength they’ve needed to face their personal demons has been there all along, hidden within the power of true friendship.

A novel about friendship and the secrets we long to share.


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