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My passion is to inspire women to stretch their faith and to wade deeper into the river of God’s Truth. Whether it’s through sharing a testimony, painting vivid word pictures, or pulling truth from the pages of my new novel, my goal is to bring energy and hope to every gathering.

I’d love to be a part of your next women’s group, retreat, conference, book club, church or community event. My style is upbeat, personal, engaging and fun, while communicating a relevant, transformative message.

Your audience will leave energized, motivated and challenged!


Some Sample Topics:


Where is God in My Pain?

When we go through hardships, sometimes it’s hard to believe God’s promises. But even in the midst of crisis, we can choose to rest in the Father’s love. If you’ve not experienced a trial in your Christian journey yet, you will. And when you do, you can find refuge under God’s ever-present wings. A message of hope and promise of God’s faithfulness.


We are Daughters of The King! Heirs to the Throne. . .So Why Don’t We Act Like It?

Daughters of God, it is time we take our rightful positions. The enemy has lied to us, telling us we are unworthy, unholy, unacceptable. Rise up! Claim your inheritance! We have work to do, and the King has given us  the authority to reign over adversity!


Miracles, Mountains, and the Master

Karen’s heart-breaking, but powerful testimony of her journey with God through her precious daughter’s battle with addiction. Walk with her through the fear, the anger, the desperation, the promises, the hope, and the healing. Ignite your passion to see God revealed in even the darkest of your situations. And bring plenty of tissues to this inspiring presentation as you rejoice in God’s faithfulness!

Who am I, Really?

It took being locked in a bathroom on a drizzly morning for this frazzled mother of four to hear the Lord’s answer to that question. Our identity is not in our kids, or our husbands, or our achievements or careers. Hear how God used the story of Gideon to help Karen emerge from her chaos as a mighty warrior, and how you can, too!


Stand Up! Your Past Does Not Define You

Oh, the lies we believe! Stand together with your sisters in Christ to re-shape your identity according to the Living Word of God. Recognize the enemy’s tactics to drag you backward. Your past is crushed, disintegrated, evaporated! You are God’s beloved, His Glory, and His joy! An inspiring message of freedom from the captivity of our own minds.


Raising Girls: There is Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Today’s girls are bombarded with pressures. They need their mommas more than ever. But sometimes even Momma falls prey to society’s demands. How to love your daughters through the confusing years, and what God can teach us about being vessels of His Light.



The Importance of Investing in Yourself

A practical talk about taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. In the midst of our busy lives, we need to recognize our need for grace, solitude, intimacy and spiritual discipline.



The Writer’s Journey- a Beginner’s Guide to Writing and Publishing a Novel

Beginning with practical tips for drafting and writing, Karen walks participants through the strategy for turning a story into a novel. How to get started, filling your writer’s toolbox, laying the groundwork for marketing your book, choosing the best publishing track for your project, and more.



Let’s talk about your event needs. When you contact me, we will discuss your audience, your theme, and your time constraints. With your input, I will develop a presentation that is specially tailored for your event.


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