Veteran’s Day Reflection



“Thank you for your service”

These words are NOT ENOUGH.

Our military men and women live a life that is very different from civilians.

Their families live this life of sacrifice and courage, too.

Their children move from place to place. Their spouses carry the burden of managing the home and caring for the kids when they are deployed. Separated from their loved ones for months and months takes a toll on the whole family.Continue reading


Intentional Living—Five lessons I’ve Learned From a truly Authentic Woman



I have a friend who is living out her faith in an extraordinary way. This friend looks like your typical suburban soccer mom, yet she has tapped in to the mystery of living everyday with complete abandon, trusting God to lead her. She has allowed the twists and turns of life to become meaningful opportunities to reach out to whomever is put in her path. Being around her is like being in a flower shop. She lives to bless others, and in doing so, her own life is rich, and full of joy and beauty. She is truly authentic. She is an example of intentional living.

Recently, I tagged along with her on one of her “ordinary” days, and I came home with a renewed vision of what it looks like to live intentionally. Here’s some of the lessons this unusual, bright, darling woman taught me.Continue reading

Life is Precious image

Celebrate Life Everyday!

Life is Precious image I attended two funerals in the past two weeks.

For two lovely human beings whose lives were cut unfairly short.

Both left behind families who did their best, standing to the left of a casket, to celebrate the life of their loved one as droves of well-wishers waited in line to offer hugs and condolences behind bewildered expressions.

Life, indeed is a precious commodity.Continue reading


When Life Gives You Lemons

         addtext_com_MjIzMTAzMzMyODI1A writer spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

It’s the essence of the work. The necessary tool to record  thoughts and ideas, to do research, to create.

A writer is pretty much dead in the water without her computer.

So what happens when an illness hinders the writer from doing what she loves to do? What happens when her computer is making her sick?

This is the dilemma I face on a daily basis.

Continue reading


White Sangria

IMG_2318 The perfect refreshing summer Sangria!

I serve ’em in mason jars on ice, so guests can help themselves as they arrive.

This way, the fruit is already distributed in the jars—and they’re portable too!



This recipe calls for a lot of ingredients, but the prep time is minimal, and the flavors are amazing. Give it a try. I know you’ll love it!Continue reading