Positive Thinking and The Power of Words




I’m such an idiot. Why do I always screw up?

I can’t take it anymore.

I’m so exhausted, I’ll never be able to finish.

Why can’t I ever get a break?

I might as well accept that I’ll always be this way.

I can’t help worrying—I’ve got so many problems.


Do you catch yourself muttering or thinking these types of destructive words?

I consider myself a fairly positive, upbeat person. And yet, when I started writing this piece this morning, I decided to pay close attention to my thoughts and words before publishing the post. Guess what? Over the next several hours, I caught myself several times. Okay, actually more like a dozen times, speaking or thinking things that had the potential to wreck my outlook, steal my joy, and poison my ability to listen to God’s voice while I go about my day.Continue reading

Holiday Stress

All I Want for Christmas is some Peace and Quiet!




My daughter informed me this morning that we are just six Sundays away from Christmas.

“How’s that possible?” I exclaimed.” I’m only halfway through the good chocolate in your Halloween bag? Christmas can’t be that close unless I’m down to the Smarties and the yucky hard candies hiding beneath all those empty wrappers?” Surely, she misread the calendar.


I looked it up. The kid’s right.

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