How Can We Say We Love Our Country While Hating Our Brothers?

Love Wins

I’m at my daughter and son in law’s home near the Air Force Special Operations base in Florida where my wonderful son in law has served our country for the past nine years.

Tonight while I lie in their cozy guest bedroom browsing the Internet, Brandon is somewhere high above me, in a cockpit, instructing the next generation of special ops pilots to protect our freedom and our great land.

Outside my window, from military fields nearby, the sounds of gunships echo across the night sky, booming like the 4th of July, operated by dedicated men and women who are out there in the dark. They are training for the unthinkable. Perfecting their skills, determined to be ready for anything— all while I snuggle beneath a soft down comforter in total peace and comfort knowing any one of those soldiers would risk their lives to keep me safe.

Meanwhile, all over America and all over social media, people are hyper-focused on the rising tide of hate and accusations being flung at each other in the streets, in the media, even within their own families.

Race, religion, economics—our military personnel don’t take these things into account when they volunteer to protect us, our freedoms and our way of life. Because every life matters to them. And every life should matter to us.

Because we are Americans.

Because we are capable of putting our differences aside and unifying for the good of the whole.

Our soldiers do it every day.

May God help us do the same.

And may God bless this great nation with an uprising of love and respect, where people from all vantage points can see one another the way Jesus does.

May America become a place where people take risks to get to know one another.

Where individuality is not sneered at.

Where success is not defined by money or class, but by character and integrity.

Where love wins.





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